Hopefully, there will never be a need for any more than just what you see here.

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  • Respect other people's opinions
  • Learn to argue without being argumentative & to disagree without being disagreeable
  • Do not post anything offensive.  We are a child-friendly site.  Post anything contrary to those standards and your address will be tracked & reported to the proper authorites
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  • While they may indeed be "rare elements" and therefore misnamed, we nevertheless fully expect you to be guided by the simple principals of "common sense" & "common courtesy" while visiting here.  I consider the people here my friends and don't take it lightly when anyone is rude to them.
  • Do not post other people's copyrighted material.  It's called "stealing"
  • Conversely, bear in mind that anything you post on the Internet can be lifted by just about anyone.  If you have something you want to protect, you are responsible for applying the appropriate copyright or watermark to it before posting.
  • No whining, it scares the fish.